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taco return june 2016

Greetings Taco’s,

The time has come for this great army to wake from its long slumber and take this community by storm. Taco’s are known for having great leaders such as Riffy, Taco and Pringle. This is the end for me and a new start for Taco’s. There will be people who will try and put us down, they will call us failures but we will prove them wrong. In the coming days, we’ll buy a domain and CSS. Once we get 1st on Google, then the owners will start autotyping and the army will have a lot of new recruits.


  1. Average a 30+ US division.
  2. Average a 25+ UK division.
  3. Average 40+ on weekends.


  1. Reach top 4 within the first 3 weeks of creation.
  2. Reach top 2 within the first month of creation.
  3. Maintain a good ownership which can recruit effectively
  4. Maintain good moderators who are loyal and are the next owners.
  5. Leave behind a legacy within Club Penguin Armies.
  6. Leave behind a strong leadership when we retire.
  7. Become the greatest ever Club Penguin Army.

 -The Taco’s Leadership

  1. Have Fun!

Current Leaders: Garret