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Tacos Legends

These inducted individuals have changed the Tacos, along with their history for the better. Their careers are to always be appreciated. In order to become a legend, all these people were nominated and then won the majority of votes needed to become a legend.

Warfare Pioneers

This is the most prestigious of the categories. People here are the ones that truly revolutionized the Tacos in ways we could never have imagined. People are only very rarely added to it, and if they are, it will require an almost unanimous agreement that they are deserving of it.

Greatest Leaders

These are the people who have led the Tacos to greatness in outstanding ways. They are often linked with a Tacos golden age, or unique leadership qualities that puts them above the rest.


Former Leaders Of The Tacos

Creator: Pringle64, Pdiddyguin, & TacoDaily

  1. Pringle64
  2. Pdiddyguin
  3. TacoDaily
  4. Rice44
  5. Sergie717
  6. Pochoma123
  7. Riffy8888
  8. Houndy
  9. Albaro Lord
  10. Rainy
  11. Nintendo12cp
  12. Daft Punk
  13. Glace
  14. Albaro Lord (2)
  15. Billy Mays
  16. Np3000
  17. Tacodaily(2)
  18. Airson
  19. Therock 
  20. TacoDaily(3)
  21. TacoDaily(4)
  22. Verum

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