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  1. Never charge an army that is doing a joke bomb.
  2. Never do a joke bomb if an army charges you. It just makes their joke bomb look bigger.
  3. Always charge under or into the enemy army.
  4. When you charge as a big group, an emote bomb is better then a joke because it blocks color.
  5. When charging a line, don’t try piling in the center of it. Spread out.
  6. Dancing in a room will make you lag, especially during a battle. Don’t do it.
  7. Always click the (=) button during a battle if you aren’t taking pictures or a video. It lowers the resolution so you don’t lag.
  8. You are less likely to crash when entering a room during a battle if you get there before everybody shows up.
  9. The secret to making a good line ( going down ) is to click below the upper person’s feet.
  10. Try to keep to your official uniform. If a group does that, then the army looks more established.
  11. Never pile in a corner. You can easily be surrounded and the other team could have an “advantage”
  12. Don’t throw rapid snowballs. Other penguins can’t see it. It also makes you lag in a big battle.
  13. Trying to recruit during the middle of the battle isn’t the best idea.
  14. Keep a steady balance between battle orders on chat and on Club Penguin.
  15. Never stand idle. It makes you appearance unprofessional.
  16. Never rely on a plan.
  17. If you regroup in an igloo, expect enemy noobs or the enemy to follow you.
  18. Always listen to the higher rank. If you disagree, offer an alternative tactic or solution.
  19. If you are a color based army, bring in a war puffle. If everybody would bring in a puffle of similar color, your army would look so much bigger.
  20. If you are battling in the lighthouse, try to control the stairs. It’s really hard to manuever a fast charge on your army, and there are no good joke bomb spots.
  21. A good way for special op. soldiers to ambush a certain room on Club Penguin, is to arrive there in the jet pack game and exit as a group. This way, you aren’t split up or trying to get into a laggy igloo.
  22. The Ski Village and the Beach are ideal places to recruit, since most penguinslog in through that room.
  23. Never charge a few paces away from a door. You can get moved to a different room and when you try to go back, it could be full.
  24. Have fun.
  25. Not everybody you recruit is a professional. They will be nooby.
  26. Do not spam constantly to go to a site or to search something. You could get easily banned.
  27. If you are going to ambush a group, make an effort to pile through an entrance so they cannot tell your numbers and so you are piled on top of each other. Then you can break out on them.
  28. Do not chase after a noob(s) so they can come back to your main group. This will split everybody up. As soon as they get there, and nobody else shows, they will go back. If a few of them go, send one person to go get them.
  29. If you are leading a charge, try to count down on chat and make sure you have “charge” already typed in on Club Penguin.
  30. Don’t be too concerned about your rank or medals. You earn leadership through hard work and respecting others.
  31. Editing ranks are long and confusing. Take your time and don’t get paranoid.
  32. When going room to room, try not to use your map so you can scout on the way there.
  33. Remember to open your igloo before you command soldiers to go there.
  34. Just because one member of the opposing army says “I surrender,” doesn’t mean the whole army surrenders.
  35. When attacking an enemy, don’t only attack their capital.
  36. When declaring war on an enemy, don’t “take over” all of their servers within the hour. Wheres the fun and honor in that?
  37. You can possibly make an enemy surrender with one great massive invasion on one of their servers ( NOT their capital )
  38. Remember, this is a game.
  39. Leave it all on the battlefield. No trash talking after a win. They can come back and win the war. Remember WW2?
  40. Have a uniform that resembles your army’s name.
  41. Never say “We are winning” or “We win” during the middle of the battle. I have seen alot of comebacks in my days.
  42. It’s not how many troops you have, its how they are spread out and how they resemble in size.
  43. Servers can get pretty full sometimes. If all else fails, go to a Portugese or a French Server.
  44. Know that your name has to be approved on a French or Portugese Server. Enemies can take advantage of that knowledge. If your leader has the name: Penguin502854262 on the server, then it’s hard to lead.
  45. Don’t make bets over a battle.
  46. Don’t suck up to your leader. You’re better then that.
  47. Never become power hungry when you get a leadership rank. You’ve already earned it, not too many people can take it away.
  48. Don’t make too many rank for your army. 15 ranks are ideal.
  49. You shouldn’t expect an army leader to reply to your pc immediately. Especially during a battle.
  50. Moving to a different game won’t get you promoted in a Club Penguin Army.
  51. I like to move it move it
  52. Regroup after you charge.
  53. There are spots in the Cave, Forest, and Mine where you can hide and you or your name won’t show.
  54. Not many armies expect you to regroup in the Puffle Shop.
  55. If you are eligible for becoming an agent, go for it. What happens when the battle changes to there?
  56. Only play the defensive if the enemy is invading your server.
  57. Retreating gets you nowhere. Regrouping prepares you for a strike.
  58. Mammoth is one of the best Army recruitment servers in Club Penguin. Watch out for rogues though.
  59. Establish a leader or commander at every battle. Still maintain teamwork though.
  60. Take one for the team and leave the room if you are going “brb.” Remaining idle isn’t ideal for a soldier and other people may need to get in.
  61. Don’t beg to be a mod on chat.
  62. Take no bribery.
  63. Schedule battles or drill sessions regularly.
  64. Leaders have better potential for training soldiers. More people will listen to them.
  65. Don’t crowd the leader.
  66. Don’t ask the leader to add you during the middle of the battle. His/Her list is full, he/she is busy, and if you work hard and become a high rank, he/she will add you.
  67. Don’t ask to become the leader.
  68. No joke bombing while you are close to your own army unless you are fending off a charge with a joke bomb or emote bomb.
  69. Make your emote bomb resemble to your army color.
  70. If you walk onto a walkway by using the letter icon, you can get reported for “blocking an entrance.”
  71. Don’t trust a spy.
  72. Telling your leader- “Im going to go make a sandwich” during the middle of an important battle isn’t the smartest idea in the world.
  73. An army isn’t evil if regular penguins are joining to have fun in it.
  74. Hacking more troops is cheap and obvious.
  75. Going on the enemy chat is a bad idea.
  76. Make e-mail confirmations for deleting your wordpress sites, etc…
  77. You aren’t a leader to get xats.
  78. Make an L shape if charging an army and cornering them. The bottom line shall joke bomb and the sideways line shall fire and try to push back the enemy.
  79. Nobody cares if you got pelted with a snowball.
  80. There are no Princesses of Club Penguin Armies.
  81. Online polls can always be hacked or rigged.
  82. When making a line, don’t everybody charge at the spot under the line leader. Fall in naturally.
  83. There’s always a good time to recruit for a Club Penguin Army.
  84. If a uniform item of your armys comes out in a catalog, it’s a good time to recruit.
  85. Your site has to look proper if you want to impress new recruits.
  86. Inspirations can come from anything.
  87. “Stand shoulder to shoulder on Club Penguin”
  88. Always have a meetup point incase your group gets seperated.
  89. “What happens on chat, stays on chat” – Person1233
  90. Don’t let anybody mess up your creation.
  91. The popular thing, isn’t always the best thing.
  92. You don’t have to inform everybody about your personal life.
  93. There may be only one chance to bring it all in CP Armies.
  94. Retirement is your personal decision. Not a poll’s.
  95. Don’t split up during a battle unless you planned for it.
  96. Personal Life > You > Club Penguin Armies
  97. Never assume things about an enemy or a friend. You know what that can turn you into.
  98. Take caution in taking sides.
  99. The leader’s jobs are difficult.
  100. 101 tactics and tips are better then 100 tactics and tips.
  101. Give credit for other peoples work


These are the things we do in wars and battles. These tatics are the keys to victory. As long as you use them at the perfect time, victory will be near.

Snowball – This is pretty self explanatory. You can throw these at the enemies. However, they have no effect.They’re just snowballs that disappear in a heatbeart in war. However, when all of the army uses it, it will make them look like they’re winning

Line -This means you stand in a line with other soldiers. You can make a line vertical,horizontal, diagonal, any way you want as long as it’s a line. Once everyone is lined up, you can pelt an area of the enemies forces and drive them back. Beware. When standing in a line you can be easily spammed. Make sure to do this at the right time.

Spread out – This is an effective tactic, especially for our medium sized army. In this one, you have everyone spread out. Everybody goes over to stand in an unoccupied spot. Do NOT touch another soldier or enemy. When you spread out, you make the army look bigger thus turning the tide of the battle on your side. However, when spamming at the same time while doing this you will attack the enemy in a VERY effective way.

Spam -This is the most basic of tactics. Basicall, you go over the enemy and spam. Types of spam include SF PRIDE(Pride Pop), Jokes(Joke Bomb) SF(SF Bomb). You walk all over the enemy and spam with repeating of those things. This makes the army scatter sometimes and makes it easier to finish them off. Combined with other tactics make it a killer.

Surrounding – This is when you surround the enemy with ths soldiers. Basically, you dominate over them when you do that. Also, the enemy can not escape you as easily. Make sure to spam to keep them at bay.

Circle -This is the most powerful tactic ever. However, you need a whole army of soldiers to do this. You have them circle all around the room. This makes the army look even bigger and makes them impossible to spam! Then, after showing off your circle collapse to the middle and spam. This definatly confuses the enemy.

Dance – This is used in victories. The army dances and say they won or SF PRIDE! Dancing means you won and you are celebrating it. 

Club Penguin Quick Key Emoticons

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  1. Please add chaos army of cp to allies! 😀

  2. Remove VCP from Enemies.

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